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Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Part of getting what you want in this life is by being grateful for what you already have. Have you heard people say, "Needing nothing, brings everything."

In 2020, I moved back in with my parents after the separation from my kids father. I was about 6 months pregnant and I had a one year old little girl. It really felt like rock bottom. A place where I have been many times in my young adult life. At that time I was collecting unemployment from the state while also starting up my own dog grooming business from my parents basement.

When my son was born I continued to grow my dog grooming business and I was saving money so I could move out before my son started walking. That was my plan anyway. That was summer of 2021.

It's now summer of 2022 and I still live at home with my parents with a plan of moving out as soon as I can. Sometimes I think to myself, "Oh well its because I have children, if I didn't have children, I would be out of here by now," (while that's partly true) I also think "I could have been out of here by now if my children's father would just pay his child support on time" Or I blame myself, thinking "I need to work harder, save more, stick to a plan,"

All of those thoughts and the emotions that go with it send out a signal to the universe telling it that I am very unhappy in my current situation. Telling it how ungrateful I am for the things I do have.

I am at this very moment, still trying to find a way to move out of my parents house. Although I want my own home for me and my kids, I am no longer being in a state of desperation to move out. At this point in my life. My daughter is 2, my son is 1, I accept that I am in my parents home. I accept that it may take longer than anticipated. I accept and embrace and am grateful that my children and I have a place to live and food to eat. I don't need my own place, is what the universe is trying to tell me, I just want my own place, like badly. 😆

The message that I have gotten from the universe repeatedly since I have moved back in with my parents is Patience and let me tell you...I have mastered the principal of patience. And maybe... just maybe... that is what this whole experience is meant to teach me.

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