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KARMA and Letting Go

So I know today is not Sunday, but instead of writing in my diary today, that little voice in my head said to publish my thoughts on here.

So let us begin. Today I came across a video featuring Dolores Cannon. Here is a link to the video I seen today

It kind of hit a nail on the head for me when she said we need to just 'let it go'


I mean, lets admit how hard that can be. As humans we hold on to things people have done to us, in hopes that it will be justified one day. We hold onto it even though it is a burden to carry that pain inside us. We hold onto it for many reasons and only you can determine what the reason is for you. My point is, it got me to thinking about my own life and how there are people that I need to forgive to free myself from karma, the karma that ties me down to this earth.

Something that Dolores Cannon mentions as well is if we don't forgive and release karma in this lifetime, we just come back to do it all over again with the same people. It makes me wonder how many times have I been here with the same people trying to learn the same lessons! 😵‍💫

Well this is everyones reminder to sit down and think about who you need to forgive. They may not be worthy of your forgiveness, but you are worthy of freeing yourself from the burden of pain and more importantly karma.

I am going to put my hand on my heart and close my eyes and from my heart space I am going to proclaim to the universe that I forgive everyone who I felt has wronged me.

I don't want to be tied down to this earth over and over again, I do believe this is my time where I finally learn my soul lessons, release my karma, and ascend into New Earth. New Earth is something Dolores Cannon talks a lot about, but that is a topic for another day.

Too Da Loo for now!

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