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Forgetting it all like Lucy

Remember the movie 50 First Dates?

It's basically about a woman who loses her memory every single day and can only remember things up to her accident, like her family and daily routines. Well, it's an ironic love story really, at the end of the movie, Adam Sandler made her a recording that she watched every single morning explaining how she had an accident and was married to him, pregnant with his child, living on a boat, and traveling the world.

Could you imagine having no memory of your current reality and the people in it every time you wake up?

The reason why I'm bringing that movie up is because sometimes I feel that way. I obviously remember who the people in my life are, but there are days when I wake up and turn around, see my two babies still asleep next to me and my mind goes "Oh yeah, I have two children to take care of."

I went through that when I had my daughter, being woken up by a crying baby in the middle of the night, it's like a sudden shock of realization,

"Oh my gosh, I have a baby now."

Then I had my second and I had to go through the shock of,

"Oh my gosh, I have two now,"

And well, what I go through now is a little different.

I'm not shocked by the fact they are there, it's more of,

"I can't believe I take care of two children everyday."

Today I took my kids out to a friends potluck party and my daughter was throwing so many tantrums and it really made me question my parenting and my daughters behavior.

It's hard seeing how all the other children there had both parents while I was the only single mom of the group, with a toddler who doesn't listen to me and also trying to socialize.

Everything is a learning experience, and as hard as today was. This mama just needs a good nights rest because tomorrow is a new day.

Us moms don't get enough credit for the work we do. Even if taking care of your kids is the only thing you do, kudos! Because being a parent is not for the weak!

There is too much criticism around parenting when there needs to be more compassion because being a parent is hard!

Us single mamas, all we need is a helping hand every once in awhile..Single mom life is tuff, but we do our best every day!

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