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Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Sometimes as a Mom, both my babies are crying at once in the middle of an important phone call


One baby is in my arms squirming to get down while the other is a toddler who is running towards the street.

Sometimes as a Mom, I forget to take a shower... and pretty soon it's going on a week with no showers and I barely even notice


You let your kids cry because your at your breaking point and all you can do is just that.



Most of the time, being a mom means watching my kids play with their toys while I simply enjoy their company


Having the satisfaction of knowing they are full and fed because of the food I prepared for them.

Most of the time, I have the satisfaction of watching my babies drift off for their daytime nap, giving me a much needed break for the day.

Best of all, being a mom means singing a song to them as they fall asleep for the night and feeling their body snuggling against mine.


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